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Mar 9, 2011

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and doesn't know where to find them! And they've....lost their tails? It's another classic Mother Goose rhyme - read as it was originally written.

Read by Brittany Quinn.

Recording time: Approx. 1 min.

over six years ago

Love the reader's voice and clarity. Am going to see if my library offers these Podcasts. Re cast that young lady, she did a great job.

over six years ago

Very enjoyable, the reader’s voice is very pleasant.

Kayli Hantelman
over six years ago

Love the readers voice hope to hear from her again!

over six years ago

Loved this classic! :D Brittany did a great job, fantastic voice for reading, hoping to hear more from her. :)

Taysha Herman
over six years ago

Great choice of book! Loved the voice and would love to hear her again! Thanks. = )

Danielle Shwinn
over six years ago

Good Book! Love This Girls Voice! Please Have Her Read More!!! Love It!