The Moon from A Child's Garden of Verses

"The Moon" from "A Child's Garden of Verses" read by Sharon Johnson.

                                         The Moon

  The moon has a face like the clock in the hall;
  She shines on thieves on the garden wall,
  On streets and fields and harbour quays,
  And birdies asleep in the forks of the trees.

  The squalling cat and the squeaking mouse,
  The howling dog by the door of the house,
  The bat that lies in bed at noon,
  All love to be out by the light of the moon.

  But all of the things that belong to the day
  Cuddle to sleep to be out of her way;
  And flowers and children close their eyes
  Till up in the morning the sun shall arise.

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The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies

The Flopsy Bunnies by Beatrix Potter tells the tale of Peter's cousins who go off to eat lettuces, fall sleep from the "soporific" effects of the lettuce . . . and . . . just barely escape becoming mean Mr. McGregor's supper! Read by Sheri Hird.

Recording time: 7 min., 43 sec.

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