The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse

The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse (remember, she helped the Flopsy Bunnies escape from Mr. McGregor?) by Beatrix Potter tells the tale of a very tidy, neat mouse who has some very messy, univited guests.

Just what will she do with Mr. Jackson, the toad, who comes in looking for honey and leaving wet, dirty footprints all over the house? Or, with the Babbity Bumble, the bumble bee, who leaves beeswax and honey stuck all around?

Mrs. Tittlemouse will think of something!

Recording time: 8 min, 44 sec.

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Beauty and the Beast

The traditional Beauty and the Beast begins with Beauty and her two sisters asking their father to bring something back for them on a trip. Beauty asks her father for a rose, while her two sisters ask for extravagant gifts and money. The father plucks a rose from Beast's garden and this is how Beauty comes to know the beast when she switches places with her father who the beast would have imprisoned for stealing his rose.

This story has a very happy ending for everyone!

Read by Bev Leonard.

Recording time: 10 min., 53 sec.

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Sleeping Beauty

Enjoy the classic fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. A shorter version but still contains the drama of the wicked fairy and a princess and kingdom frozen in time.

Recording time: 6 min., 39 sec.

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